Customer Education Brings New Business

Urban Alarm
Best Company Newsletter
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As one of its strategies to gain business, Urban Alarm of Washington, D.C., which has a mix of residential and commercial customers, educates its existing and prospective clients. The company does that with its Security Strategies newsletter, which earned Urban Alarm the SAMMY award for Best Company Newsletter.

“We look for opportunities to provide information and education to help clients become more effective as an organization,” says Urban Alarm President Miles Fawcett. “For us, we put informing and educating above selling. We want our customers and prospects to view us as a resource, or if they have an issue and the need to come up with a clear strategy, they can contact us, and we can help them figure out the best approach.”

Designed and written by Urban Alarm’s two-person marketing team, the newsletter’s main readership targets include commercial clients and property managers. “By creating this in-house, we can control the message and the quality very closely,” says Fawcett.

Each issue features case studies and best practice techniques, and on occasion, Urban Alarm includes a special product offer. Customers can read follow-up information on material featured in the publication on Urban Alarm’s online blog, says Fawcett. Readers receive Security Strategies, which goes out seven times a year, by direct mail or E-mail. Fawcett plans to release quarterly editions of the newsletter in the future.

A main challenge for the newsletter is making sure clients actually read it, Fawcett notes. However, he remains optimistic that once customers see the value in the content, they will become more responsive to the information.

So far, the education strategy has been effective for the company, which saw its business grow more than 100 percent in 2010, says Fawcett. With roughly 600 accounts, the company adds about 20 a month.

“Our marketing budget is growing because we’re producing a return,” he says. “As long as we continue to see that kind of growth from our investments, we will keep increasing that spending.”